Role of the Home School Link Worker

The HSLWs can offer support, provide advice and information to parents and carers, as well as supporting children and young people in boosting their self-esteem, helping them to deal with either temporary or longer term problems such as bereavement, parenting issues, illness and domestic violence, to name just a few. They work closely with both schools and families and are able to link with a wide range of other agencies and sources of support and advice. In working across groups of schools, they are able to provide continuity when children move to another phase of schooling, e.g. junior to secondary schools or when there are brothers and sisters in different schools who may be experiencing similar problems.

The Home School Link Worker Team

The Dorking Schools Partnership employs and funds a team of three Home School Link Workers who support children, young people, parents and carers with either short or long term difficulties. If you would like more information, or to contact the HSLW working with your child’s school, please see below or contact your school:


Fiona DarnellFiona Darnell Tel: 07425373460 Email:

St Joseph's - Monday 12.00-17.00, Wednesday 13.45-17.00 & Friday 9.00-11.15

Vicky KelsallVicki Kelsall Tel: 07425373290 Email:

St Martins - Thursday 8.30-16.30

Surrey Hills - Wednesday 8.30-16.30


Susie ReedSuzie Reed Tel: 07425373467 Email:
North Downs Wednesday 9.00-12.00 & Thursday 8.00-12.30
Scott Broadwood Monday 8.45-12.30
St Paul's Tuesday 8.30-15:30

The Priory School, The Weald and St John's also have a HSLW. Please contact the relevant school directly.